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Reverse, Repair and Re-youth

Stem Cell Therapy is the use of stem cell to treat or prevent a disease, condition or even age! 

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Quality is alway

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Live cell, Never frozen
Live cell, Never frozen

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Specialist doctor with real patient result

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Quality is alway
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Aging Process 

Aging is a rather complicated process in which the cells eventually die after becoming progressively damaged over time. However, this process of ageing can be reversed or at least impeded by fresh stem cells. 


From the moment of our birth, human beings begin to experience a slow but continuous cellular death. However, until our mid-20s, the body can repair the damage itself; after 40 though, the body begins its real journey of aging. When an individual is approaching the age of 40, they may begin to experience some physical problems associated with mature age, e.g. joint pain, weight gain, skin issues, etc., that can be treated with anti-aging stem cell treatments.

Stem cells have a proven anti-aging effect through repairing and regenerating the different organs which have taken damage from stress and various toxic substances which we encounter in our daily lives. With stem cell therapy we can help repopulate the body with younger cells and give our bodies an ability to fight aging similar to what we had in our 20s.

Aging Stem Cell, Aging Body

It is a fact that all cells have half-lives, and their natural expiration must be matched by their replacement to avoid the damages of aging, stem cells seem an excellent source for these new replacement cells. Stem cell depletion and aging-related tissue changes in the human body lead to imbalances in tissue stability and a decrease in our regenerative capacity. These changes often lead to destructive diseases, such as autoimmunity, arthritis, cardiovascular disease, cancer, dementia, depression, neuropathy, obesity, stroke, and tissue degeneration: impaired eyesight and hearing are especially noticeable as symptoms of aging but also a reduction in general muscle and bone strength.


Research has shown a definite correlation between the reduction of stem cells found in the bone marrow and the rate at which people reduce rate of recover from bone fractures. The graph below shows clearly how drastic that reduction in stem cells is going from 1 stem cell out of 10,000 cells in a newborn down to 1 stem cell out of 2,000,000 cells in an older adult.


Screen Shot 2564-09-27 at 08.22.33.png


  As stem cells age, their renewal capability decreases, and their potentiality to change into various cell types is the exhaust. It is believed that stem cell failure causing a decline in health during the aging process. Stem cell treatment is a potential method to induce and differentiate stem cells via cell replacement therapy allow an effective approach for the treatment of degenerative age-related diseases. It is believed that the regenerative ability of these cells is due to their high dividing ability and differentiation capabilities, essential substance production, and immune privilege. 

  Somatic stem cell resident varies according to the regenerative requires of the host tissue. In high turnover tissue, such as the hematopoietic or gut system, most stem cells or are active throughout our life. In organs deficient of stem cells, stem cell transplantation to replace cells is a potential therapeutic method for functional recovery. This means that stem cells can utilize for cell replacement therapy as an intervention target at reducing the effects of aging. (7) 

Why Revival Clinic for Stem Cell Treatment?

Revival Clinic's internationally trained and certified doctors ensure that only the highest quality stem cells are used in your treatment.  Their aim is not only to give you the result you are seeking but also ensure you receive the best stem cell therapy in Bangkok!


At Revival Clinic we choose stem cells from the best lab resource. Every laboratory process qualified by ISO

[International organization for standardization]. 

All patients will receive a certification of analysis related to the specific stem cells that have been used in their treatment.



 Stem cells are identified by their multiple-efficacy and self-renewal abilities, resulting in the parent cells or mature cells that can repair tissue and keep the characteristics of stem cells to guarantee a long-term continuation of the stem cell population. Stem cells play an important role in organ generation and maintaining homeostasis throughout life, own the ability to migrate long distances and target disease or damaged conditions, exhibit therapeutic genes, and respond to signal that redirect their differentiation into defective cell type. This means that stem cells can utilize for cell replacement as a treatment method aimed at decreasing the effects of aging. Stem cells mechanism of action such as: 

 •Secrete essential substance: Although there are many ways through which stem cells may decrease injury, the main mechanism which is assessed is through essential substance secretion functions. 

 •Immune Regulatory: In view of the inflammatory nature of most injuries, studies have shown that the important role of mesenchymal stem cells in resolving tissue damage counting on toning down inflammation in particular sites of injury. 

 •Factor stimulating new blood vessel: New blood vessels generate provided by mesenchymal stem cells can appraise one more supportive effect, since the regenerate of blood supply is fundamental for the repair of damaged tissues. 

 •Anti-oxidative factors: Some studies have proposed that mesenchymal stem cells also own anti-oxidative features. Mesenchymal stem cells have been observed to create many anti-oxidative substances such as superoxide dismutase (SOD), HGF, IGF, PDGF, and IL-6. Mesenchymal stem cells respectively reduce oxidative damage in culture when fibroblast cells are exposed to oxidative damage-causing environments. (9) 

 •Differentiation: Mesenchymal Stem Cells have the ability to differentiate into multiple cell types such as bone, cartilage nerve cell, fat cell. 

 •Fusion: Specific adult stem cells can be used for clinical treatment by launching nuclei or functional genes in aged or degenerating cells. A fusion of stem cells with degenerate cells play an important role in the regeneration of damaged tissue and organ. It’s known that inflammation induces stem cells moving to sites of tissue injury. Moreover, inflammation also enhances the frequency of stem cell fusion. 

Overall Improvements

You can expect improvements after stem cell therapy,

including but not limited 

Improvement in the Overall Quality of Life

Physical improvements

Aesthetic improvements

Mental and improvements

Energy level Improvement

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Revival Clinic 

Indulge in the next evolution of treatment experience at Revival Clinic Bangkok. World-class expertise with local flavors, set in a tranquil environment to deliver a bespoke experience that is undeniably unique for every guest. We listen to your specific requests and concerns to provide a level of personalized service that is unmatched. From the moment you make your appointment, each step of your time with us will be tailored to you.

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Doctor Chontirot Srikasedsarakul is a specialist in Dermatology and Aesthetics.  She graduated as a doctor of medicine from Chulalongkorn University in 2008. 


Always seeking to expand her knowledge she has furthered her studies attaining a Diploma in Dermatology and Dermatosurgery from the Skin Institute of Thailand and receiving a Diplomate certification from the American board of Anti-Aging Medicine.  Extending her understand of skin she completed a Certificate in Primary Skin Care, Cancer Medicine from the University of Queensland, Australia.

Although her primary focus has always been the skin she did not ignore complementary fields, for example, studying hair loss and hair transplant in a Fellowship in Hair Restoration program  and most recently has been awarded a Genetics and Genomics Certificate from Stanford University.


"I am committed to every patient and devoted to every procedure. My staff and I are dedicated to delivering the best results and service to our clients. Our client’s satisfaction is a reflection of our success and this is why we strive to deliver the very best experience!"

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  • In order to ensure your desired results are achieved, our Stamford certified doctors will plan the optimum treatment regime for you.  The doctor will also discuss the costs of this tailored procedure during the consultation.

  • Try to avoid smoking, drinking and strenuous exercise for the week leading up to your treatment

  • Please notify the clinic immediately if you think you are coming down with something e.g. a cold or flu, etc.

  • Due to the limited lifespan of Mesenchymal Stem Cells payment is required in advance, as per industry standards.

  • Get enough rest more than 7 hours before treatment 

  • Avoid oily food , high sugar diet and soft drinks the day before treatment 

  • On the treatment day avoid drinks that are stimulants such as coffee, energy drink , alcohol and cordyceps ( Supplement ) 

Treatment steps 

Intravenous (IV) stem cell therapy is an innovative treatment whereby stem cells are administered intravenously to aid quick healing and regeneration of damaged tissues and organs.


When stem cells are administered intravenously, they travel through your bloodstream and become available to all organs and tissues in your body. The idea of IV stem cells is to naturally seek out damaged tissues or organs in any part of your body and promote healing and repair of the damaged tissues or organs. Stem cells replenish and replicate the type of cells in the damaged tissues or organs. Instead of using medications, supplements, surgery for treatment of damaged tissues and organs, IV stem cell therapy is able to spread healthy cells throughout the body to promote quick healing.

After care 

One might experience a low grade fever , this will subside within 24 hours .

Avoid fried food and oily food for 3 days after treatment

Stay away from crowds where infections risk may be high such as malls , flights, hospital  etc.


You may feel sleepy after treatment. Eat a protein diet as cells need more energy and drink plenty of water.

The first week after stem cell therapy: Adopt a sedentary lifestyle, reframe from any exertional activity , daily life activities are fine.


The second week after stem cell therapy: Low-level intensity of exercise such as light walking, stretching, lifting hand weights, push-ups against the walls.


The 3-4th week after stem cell therapy: brisk walking, water aerobics, tennis (doubles), biking on level ground. 


One month after stem cell therapy: resume back to all activity 


If you were unsure about the aftercare instruction, we always very welcome to answer your question 24hrs service.

Can I do stem cell therapy during COVID pandemic season ?

Yes, Stem cell therapy isn't related to COVID disease or vaccination actually stem cell therapy also one of the treatments which ongoing research to treat COVID. Since stem cells have immunomodulation property which promising to treat cytokine storms and help lung recover after COVID. 


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After many trial projects in the past 10 years of the 20th century, stem cells were around two decades ago introduced as a novel and promising treatment for many varieties of diseases. This expectation related to the special characteristic of stem cells and their regenerative ability enhance in direct proportion to the important need in many medical fields. 

  Stem cells are right now extensively exploring applications in a number of medical fields including the skin. Mesenchymal stem cells seem to be a perfect source for tissue engineering therapy due to less ethical concerns, high inaccessibility, and an increasing number of methods for extraction and expansion of such cell types. 

 Mesenchymal stem cells have anti-aging properties by a decrease of melanin production after ultraviolet exposure as a result skin becomes whiter. An anti-aging effect of stem cells also may result from decrease cellular sugar metabolism, antioxidation, and nutrient provider effect, which in result leads to restoration and rejuvenation of the functional capacity of the skin. 

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Stem cell treatment for cartilage lesion 

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Stem cell treatment for internal rejuvenation benefit. 

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Stem cell treatment for skin , hair rejuvenation and scar treatment. 

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Stem cell treatment for diabetes  

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Stem cell treatment for knee osteoarthritis  

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Stem cell treatment for anti-aging  

Prescription Drugs


Stem cell treatment for drug addiction  

Covid 19


Stem cell for immune rejuvenation  

Red love heart on hearts


Stem cell therapy improve cardiac function  

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mesenchymal stem cells

Type of stem cell for medical use  


Spinal disc 

Stem cell therapy for degenerative disc disease  

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therapeutic potential of stem cell therapy