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My work as a specialized consultant has me traveling hundreds of air miles every year.  From Monaco, to London, Asia, and Africa, stress and the lack of sleep has been a part of my life for 10 years.

I was recommended to Dr. Fa by a close friend and decided what she could had to advise me.  To be honest, I expected something completely different.

At her recommendation I opted for the placenta course and stem cell therapy to fix the damage inside of my body and skin.


“After a few months I honestly look and feel like a different person! I have super energy and my face is younger!”

I can sleep anywhere and am being complemented by some of the most influential people in the world!

I cannot give enough thanks to Dr. Fa she is an artist and genuinely wants the best for her patients.

You are awesome! Thank you and see you again soon.

Dr. Chontirot explains


How does it work?

Treatments using quality stem cells not only act to improve blood flow to the area skin injection, which also stimulates collagen formation and makes the face look fuller, healthier and younger. Stem cells also have a paracrine effect where they are able to make existing cells in your body act and feel younger… which essentially reverses their biological age. The final result… a plumper, healthier you with a glow in your skin that can help transform your aging face and body into a more youthful visage of yourself. This can help restore confidence and improve self-esteem for both women and men and allow you to enjoy the fruits of your life’s success and hard work.

Results you can expect

Unlike surgery, the results of this process take a few weeks to become fully visible. This means that the change is less sudden, and you begin to gradually look younger over the days and weeks. Thus your transformation will be seen as more natural and longer lasting.

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