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Madonna eyes lift in Bangkok

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What is the Madonna eyes lift ?

The Madonna Eye Lift is non- surgical procedure to rejuvenate the skin around the eyes by fractional CO2 laser resurfacing to reduce wrinkles, and improve sagging skin. It is especially helpful to tighten drooping eye lids.

Madonna eyes lift, How does it work ?

The CO2 laser stimulates new collagen production, which in this case causes tightening of the skin around your eyes, and also decrease the old and tired look.

The benefit of the madonna eye lift

The main benefits people can expect to receive with a Madonna eye lift treatment include:

  • Reducing wrinkles, saggy skin and dark circles around the eyes

  • Quick Madonna eye lift recovery, due to the non-invasiveness of the procedure

  • Immediate results after your first treatment

  • A boost of collagen production for long-lasting results

  • An overall more youthful and rejuvenated appearance


Is there any incision in Madonna eyes lift treatment ?

The Madonna Eye Lift is a non-suregery procedure. There are no incisions. Tightening of the eyelids and area around the eyes come from a new collagen production stimulated by fractional laser technology.

How many treatments will I need?

Even though you can expect to see refinement from each treatment, for optimal results, we advise 3 to 4 treatments, with each treatment separated by 4-6 weeks

Will I see results right away?

Some results are can show as soon as after wound healing process is complete in about 2-4 weeks. Changes in surface texture are seen quickly. Nevertheless, the full results of the treatment rely on stimulating the skin to heal and remodel. It takes several months to see the full results of each procedure.

Laser around eyelid : safety

With the right setting of laser parameter in an experience hand. There is guarantee that laser will not pass the eyelid layer to the eye ball.

Does the procedure hurt?

Topical numbing cream will apply all over eyelids about 40 minutes prior to the procedure. You may still feel some warm or slight discomfort, generally the treatment is well tolerated.

How long does Madonna eyes lift take?

Most of the time is for the numbing cream to sit on the skin. The actual procedure takes about 5 minutes.

How Long Do The Results Of The Eye Lift Last?

The Madonna eyes lift result is last long since it is the real new collagen production. However, as you age, sagging or new lines may occur. You can re-treat as needed. Good sun protection and good skincare will protect your investment.

Madonna eyes lift after care

The golden rule is as long as your skin is red, it mean special cares are needed.

- Avoid the strong sun light for 7-10 days. Wearing sun glasses is really a practical idea.

- Apply intense moisturiser for 5-7 days.

- Use only sensitive skin care product for the first 2 weeks.

- Around the eyes make up are avoided for the first week.

Click to watch: The Madonna Eyelift procedure performed by Dr. Bruce Katz on The Doctors TV program

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