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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bangkok a good place to have botox done?

As with anywhere there are pros and cons to having botox treatments in Bangkok.


  • It is much cheaper, not because the product is cheaper but because labor costs for the doctor and nurses is much lower!

  • Botox injections is one of the most common procedures carried out in Bangkok aesthetics clinics and as such the doctor's and nurses are extremely experienced.


  • You must be careful to select a clinic that is properly licensed and qualified.  Unfortunately Aesthetics procedures are big business and as such unscrupulous individuals may try to take advantage by offering highly dubious procedures at a fraction of the price.

Why are some clinics much cheaper than others?

According to health regulations in Thailand botox injections may only be administered by a licensed and certified doctor. 


Unfortunately not all clinics follow these stipulations so you have to be sure that the clinic you choose is properly certified to carry out any procedure you are wanting.  Another thing to remember is if a clinic is willing to break one rule about who can administer an injection, they are probably will to break other rules i.e. cleanliness, products offered, etc.

I'll only be in Thailand for a few weeks, should I do my botox at the end of my trip?

Many of our foreign clients are only visiting Thailand for a short period and often want to wait until they are almost ready to return home before treatment.  Instead we recommend you do your treatment as early as possible because in some cases it may take up to 2 weeks for the botox to become fully effective.  Thus you may find that the end result is not exactly what you had pictured and desire a top up to improve the result.

How can I make my treatment last longer?

There are many factors that diminish the duration of your treatments effectiveness.  In order to extend this effectiveness as long as possible Dr Chontirot recommends,

  • Avoid strong sunlight and high temperatures e.g. saunas, etc.

  • Increase your zinc intake.

  • Ensure your procedure is carried out with top quality botox.  Here at Revival clinic we only offer Botox (the US made industry standard) and Botulax (a high quality Korean alternative)

  • Follow up treatments will increase the effectiveness of botox so you should aim to have treatments 3 times a year if possible.

Is it safe to do botox in Thailand?

Botox itself is a safe and effective treatment when carried out by experienced and well-trained medical staff.  The treatments have daily, monthly, and even quarterly limits on injection amounts.  A trained, licensed professional is well aware of these limits and will do everything they can to ensure your safety during any procedure.

While you may have heard horror stories about patient's having severe complications after receiving botox injections in Thailand, these cases invariably are the result of injections being administered by untrained and unlicensed individuals.  

If  the quoted price seems too good to be true,


How do I know if the clinic I am going to is good?

The language barrier is a important thing to remember when choosing a clinic in Thailand.  As most certification or licenses are written in Thai, how can an English speaker know that the clinic is licensed and qualified to perform the procedure they are seeking. 


The simplest way is to ensure that the doctor you are meeting with is the clinic's owner.  It is their license and certifications that are at stake if there are any problems and as such they are going to show the most care to ensure there are

NO complications!

Who is the doctor at Revival Clinic?

Our doctor is Dr Chontirot.  She is board-certified and specializes in multiple fields such as 

  • Dermatology

  • Aesthetics

  • Hair Restoration

  • Cell Therapy & Anti-aging

You can read more about Dr Chontirot HERE  or come in for a free consultation.

Dr Chontirot is a firm believer that communication is the foundation for all great treatments.

How do I know if the results will be what I want?

In order to be satisfied with the results clear communication between the doctor and patient is crucial.  On top of that your doctor needs to be highly skilled and experienced as

  • Each person's body is unique and without the correct experience the doctor will not be able to deliver results tailored to your wishes.

  • As well as where to put the botox a doctor needs to know how much to use.  While it is possible to add more in the event of too little, it isn't possible to remove some in the event of too much.  Better to get it right the first time!

How expensive are botox treatments in Bangkok?

While the prices offered in Bangkok will vary from 50 THB to 500 THB (approx. US$1.60 to US$16).  You need to remember, as always, you get what you pay for!  The cost of the product does not change noticeably and it is only the overheads of the clinic that allow them to offer a lower price.

Of course at the lower end of the scale you will also not be getting a good quality botox e.g. Botox or Botulax.

Some of the cheaper clinics may even dilute their product with saline solution to further reduce their costs and increase their profits.

Here at Revival Clinic Dr. Chontirot prepares and administers the injections personally to ensure you get exactly what you pay for.

I have never had botox before, what can it do for me?

Botox can be used in a multitude of treatments but most commonly it is used for

  • Removing facial wrinkle

  • Tighten the skin to improve the contours of lower face and neck

  • Reshape the face to give a V shaped look

  • Correct specific areas of concern e.g. gummy smile, droopy eyebrows, nasal flaring

  • Decrease sweat production in problem areas.

Who should not get botox treatments?

While botox is safe and effective there are still some people who should not consider this treatment i.e.

  • Expecting mothers

  • Breastfeeding mothers

  • Anyone who is allergic to botulinum toxin

  • People with neurological problems

  • Patients with myasthenia gravis

What about botox treatments at Revival clinic?

All botulinum toxin products used at Revival clinic are 100% genuine, undiluted and certified by the Thai Food and Drug Administration, among others.  The products we offer are Botox by Allergen, Xeomin by Merz Pharma and Botulax by Hugel.  All of these products are proven safe and effective botulinum toxin products.  You can find out more about the different products HERE

Botox Frequently Asked Questions

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